2019 Events


6 april 2019, guided tour of our camellia collection and workshop. Cost 10 Euro pax.

Schedule. 11. Wellcome tea with a cup of biological green tea produced from pur teaplants.

Guided tour to the camellias collection and introduction to the cultivar and botanic identification.

12,30-1. Lunch time: who would love to pic nic in the garden with his own food  is more than wellcome, otherwise we recommend  the pizzeria Bel Soggiorno in front of the entrance of Villa Anelli. Please book at 0039 323 48114.

3 PM. Gathering at Villa Anelli little green house: workshop of repotting, trasnplant, pruning, fertilization, and demonstration of air layering reproduction of camellias. Tea and oil production from leaves and seeds of Camellia Sinensis and Japonica.
6 PM. End of workshop and sale of Camellias. Discount of  10%.

More info:  Andrea (+39) 3476184584 – Orsola (+39) 3479402304


Mostra Antiche Camelie della Lucchesia, Pieve di Compito
16/17 – 23/24 – 30/31  March, 6/7 April 2019

Giardini d’Autore, Rimini
Spring Camellias 22, 23, 24 March, Winter 20 21 e 22 September 2019

Exhibition of Vita in Campagna, Montichiari (BS)
22 - 23 - 24 March 2019
A stand will be dedicated to Camellias with a tribute to the Vergin of Collebeato, our Association symbol.

International Camellia Show of Locarno - Switzerland
27 -  31 March 2019

National Camelia Show of Verbania
30-31 March 2019

SUMMER CAMP AND WORKSHOPS 2019 - Italian/English/French Speaking

Beginning from 1 of July til 2 September 2019:

Every monday from 4 til 6 PM workshops in open air of eggart, the wonderful world of painting eggshells. For children from 3 til adults, children accompanied.

Introduction to the painting technique of Pisansky, decorating chicken eggshells in liquid colours using dyes and beeswax.

Inspired by the beauty and the the peaceful quiet of the garden, for two hours we will relax inventing decorations of eggshells using old Eastern Europe folk traditions of natural liquid colours added of white vinegar. A wide collection of eggshells will be  shown, from canary egg until ostrichs.

Cost is 20 euros pax,  booking at Orsola or (+39) 3479402304

Every Wednesday from 4 til 5,30 open air workshops for children and adults, inspired by Bruno Munari: painting with vegetables and kitchen garden colours. Education to lateral Thinking: which is the shape of plants, what else can they be? We will make inks, prints and whatever else nature will inspire us.

Cost is 10 euros pax, booking at Orsola or (+39) 3479402304

Every Thursday from 4 til 5,30 for little women and adults, workshops for making your own hairclips: with trimmings, ribbons, colours and little objects, glue it will be great fun  to make your own hairclips upon inspiration of "Little Flame Hairclips" (see on instagram and facebook @lemollettedifiammetta)

Cost is 20 euros pax,  info and bookings at Orsola or (+39) 3479402304