2018 Spring Events

Cascina Merlata – Springtime party
Date: 17 and 18 March 2018
Place: Cascina Merlata – Milan
Timetable: 10 - 17
Entrance: free
Schedule: Camellia show; didactic panels about its origin, history, cultivation, tea and oil production; guided tour with the President of Italian Camellia Society and camellia sale. Tasting tea, eggart workshops
Eggart workshops:

III Edition “Camellias in watercolour”
Date: 24 -25 March  2018
Place: Libreria della Natura, via Achille Maiocchi 11, Milan (I)
Schedule: Botanic Watercolour workshop of two days, teacher Mrs Maria Rita Stirpe dedicated to camellias portraits, by representing camellias blooming of the Golden Camellia, Villa Anelli, the ICS Camellia Garden of Excellence
Organization: Maria Rita Stirpe, Libreria della Natura
Info and reservation:;,
FB Maria Rita Stirpe –

II Edition “Living Camellias”
Date: 2 April 2018
Luogo: villa Anelli - Oggebbio Gonte (VB) – entry facing Pizzeria Bel Soggiorno – parking Piazza Italia
Timetable: 10,00-17,00
Fee: infos upon request, reservation required
Schedule: portraying camellias en plein air with Mrs Silvana Rava, botanic painter, by telling with colours and brushes the blooming season of Camellia Japonica
Organization: Silvana Rava, The Golden Camellia
Info and reservation:;,
FB Silvana Rava – La Camelia d’Oro - – FB Società Italiana della Camelia

Guided Tours of the Visite guidate al garden of Villa Anelli –
Oggebbio – lake Maggiore

Dates: 31 March, 2 and 3 April 2018
Timetable: tours start at  11,00 AM
Fees: 5 € pax
Place: Oggebbio Gonte – entry facing the Pizzeria Bel Soggiorno – parking Piazza Italia
chedule: Guided tours of the garden with Andrea Corneo, President  of Italian Camellia Society.
Sat. 31 March Workshop of eggart with Orsola Poggi (Info and reservation at
3 April h 11.00 workshop of on air layering.
Possibility of purchasing of camellias over a 200 cultivar range.
info: – Andrea (+39)3476184584 – Orsola (+39)3479402304

Camellias of Lario 2018
Data: 7 April 2018
Place:  Villa Carlotta, museum and botanic garden in Tremezzina – Lake of Como
Description: Camellias from East to West
A travel among Genus Camellia, a plant that acclimatated easily in our environment and that every year preannounces with its blooming that springtime is arriving
A workshop will lead you to discover cultivation of camellias for oil (cosmethic), tea and ornamental. Varieties which since 1800 bloom into our gardens will be on show in flower ranges and from geographical point of view. Mr Andrea Corneo will introduce you to the new collection of Villa Carlotta camellias.
Saturday 7 april there will be the chance to visit Villa Carlotta and Villa Melzi d’Eril with a facilitated price, and both the villas will be in communication with a boat service.
A great occasion to sail and discover those lake of Como jewels. 
info: t. (+39)034440405

XXI Edition – The days of the Camellias 
Date: 14 -15 April 2018
Place: Villa della Porta Bozzolo – Casalzuigno (VA)
Timetable: 1000-18,00
Fees: 8 € (discount for kids, members of FAI, 2 days visit and SIC members)
Description: Camellais show, guided tours of the villa, camellias on sale, workshops of extracting oil, producing tea 
Organization: FAI in cooperation with Italian Camellia Society and La Camelia d’Oro
Info: - tel. (+39)0332624136