La Camelia d'Oro - vivaio


Discover and buy your favourite camellia

The Golden Camellia boasts over 400 species and cultivars, and the majority of these can be purchased on site.

The wide and diverse selection, mostly propagated from the garden of Villa Anelli by layering, is an organic plantation free of growth retardants and plant growth regulators.

The options available for purchase are the following:

- Single-stemmed and well lignified: available in round vases, with a diameter of 24 cm and holding up to 10 litres. The plants are 80-120 cm tall, depending on the variety;

- Multi-stemmed through cutting: perfect for creating bushes quickly, they are available either in vases with a 25 cm diameter and holding 10 litres or in vases with a 35 cm diameter and holding 20 litres; the average height of the plants is 150 cm.

Both options come with a special underlayer of soil (50% black soil, 30% blond peat, 20% pumice).

The productive area and the backstage for the growth in vases is located in the plain of Fondotoce, which is easily accessible thanks to the proximity with the A26 Motorway exit Gravellona Toce. A few of the tunnels of our nursery are in Verbania Fondotoce, in Via della Chimica, at the big Nursery “Compagnia del Lago”.