botanical teaching and eggart

The Golden Camellia is a versatile teaching facility. Guided tours of the garden and camellia collection are regularly organized; these are aimed not only at groups of botanical enthusiasts, but also at adults and children who are interested in learning more about this wonderful plant.

The Golden Camellia also organizes workshops dedicated to the world of the camellia, which are open to groups of all ages and provide specialized courses in the nursery on propagation techniques (including layering) and practical information on cultivation methods. During these courses we explore the history of the camellia, a flower that is rich in symbolic meanings, and that, having always been appreciated in the East, has also been widely appreciated in the West since the 1800s. The last part of the course focuses on tea, since alongside being an ornamental flower, the camellia is also a tea-plant: you will be able to find out, directly from the mother plants and their fruits, where the camellia tea and oil come from.

Società Italiana della Camelia

The Golden Camellia also organizes workshops dedicated to the decoration of ostrich eggs and of other birds. These courses are particularly suited to school groups or groups of adults as a team-building exercise. These workshops are intended for all age groups, from juniors to seniors; the focus is on gaining knowledge on these eggs and recovering the use of natural materials. They will include a tale of the history and symbolism of the eggs, which are present in every folk culture as the maximum symbol of the protection of life. Lastly, participants will decorate small eggs which they can take home as good-luck charms.

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